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Hereford Breed History
Until the 18th century, the cattle of the Herefordshire area were similar to other cattle of southern England, being wholly red with a white switch, similar to the modern North Devon and Sussex breeds. During the 18th and early 19th centuries, other cattle (mainly Shorthorns) were used to create a new type of draught and beef cattle which at first varied in color, different herds ranging from yellow to grey and light brown, and with varying amounts of white. However, by the end of the 18th century the white face characteristic of the modern breed was well established, and the modern color was established during the 19th century.

The Hereford is still seen in the Herefordshire countryside today and featured prominently at agricultural shows. The first imports of Herefords to the United States were around 1817 by the politician Henry Clay, with larger importation of the breed beginning in the 1840s.

Polled Hereford

The Polled Hereford is a hornless variant of the Hereford with the polled gene, a natural genetic mutation that was selected into a separate breed beginning in 1889.

Iowa cattle rancher Warren Gammon capitalized on the idea of breeding Polled Herefords and started the Polled Hereford registry with 11 naturally polled cattle. American Polled Hereford Association (APHA) was formed in 1910. The American Polled Hereford and American Hereford breeds have been combined since 1995, under the same American Hereford Association name.

Traditional Hereford

Many strains of Hereford have used other cattle breeds to import desired characteristics, and this has led to changes in the breed as a whole. However, some strains have been kept separate, and these have retained characteristics of the earlier breed, such as hardiness and thriftiness.[18] The Traditional Hereford is now treated as a minority breed of value for genetic conservation

Hereford Timeline

  • The Hereford brand can be traced back to 1627.

  • The first Herefords were imported in 1817 to the USA .

  • The English Herd book was opened in 1846. It contained the pedigrees of 551 bulls.

  • In 1878 the English Herd book Society was founded and seven years later the Herd book closed to all animals whose sires and dams had not already been registered.

  • 1892: The first 2 Hereford bulls were imported from England to South Africa.

  • 1901: George Moorcroft imported the Hereford bull, Southern Cross and 14 female animals to South Africa.

  • 1902: James Gray from Waverley, Ceres Road, Cape Province, imported a bull “Rufus” and two cows Abigail and Dolly

  • 1903: Sir Abe Bailey and Mr GW Young acquired large numbers and must be considered the founders of the breed in South Africa.

  • 1903: Die Transvaal Government imported 27 cows and 4 bulls shortly there after. The herd was established at the Potchefstroom College of Agriculture.

  • 1910: Importation of large numbers of animals proved a big factor in establishing the Hereford in South Africa before Union.

  • 1917: The Hereford Society of Southern Africa was established on 6 April 1917 at the Witwatersrand’s show with Sir John Ray as President. The Constitution was accepted 5 months later on 6 September.

  • 1906 – 1917: Herefords were recorded by South African Stud Book, and the First Volume includes the pedigrees of the earliest importations.

  • 1925: S.L. Moorcroft, Klipkraal, Cape Province is listed as a founder member in the Hereford Herd book Volume 1.

  • 1927: Two polled Hereford bulls (Pisidove and Priam) and one cow Perfection Gem 2nd) were imported by Major WE Heydeman, Thornby, and Harley, Southern Rhodesia from America.

  • 1945: Charles Eustace started the Arbor Hereford Stud in Underberg KZN. The oldest existing stud in South Africa.

  • 1948: Jaros Investment started the Vicedale Hereford Stud, which became the largest Hereford stud in the world under Jarrosson Estates, with more than 2000 registered cows. It was also one of the largest registered herds of all breeds in the world.

  • 1951: First World Hereford conference meeting in England.

  • 1956: Second World Hereford conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 1957: Herefords moved to the top of the list of global beef cattle exports issued by die Livestock Export Group and covering the six months ended 30th June. They exported 116 head, 26 more than the Beef Shorthorn at 90, and nearly double the Aberdeen Angus figures of 63. Of the 116 head, 63 were exported to Australia, 31 to Israel, a sub-tropical country which has shown a marked preference for the breed, eight to the USA, six to Argentina, and three to South Africa.

  • 1959: Vicedale Herefords was the first SA Hereford herd and part of 5 breeds to start official performance testing by the department of Agricultural in Irene.

  • 1959: durend the end of the 1950’s and the early 1960’s >120 bulls were exported to CBC Botswana from Jarrosson Estates as well as the first Hereford cattle of the Bromfield herd to Namibia.

  • 1960: 3rd World Hereford Conference in Kansas City, United States.

  • 1961: The bull growth test station at Irene were opend with a Hereford bull as demonstration animals and were finance by Vleissentraal.

  • 1961 Syferpan Kismet 9th is the first Hereford to win the Gold Cup at the Rand Show. Syferpan Herefords went on to win 40 interbreed Championships in SA.

  • 1961 Vicedale Magnus Grand Champion of all Breeds Kimberley and Vryburg Show

  • 1963 Syferpan Kismet 25th belonging to Tim Henderson is the first Polled Hereford Bull to win a major Championship at the Natal Royal Show.

  • 1963: Vicedale Magnus of the Jarrosson Estate, Vryburg were the champion of his breed as well as the Grand Champion beef breed bull at the Schweizer-Reneke show.

  • 1964: 39 Hereford animals were imported.

  • 1964: 4th World Hereford Conference, Dublin, Ireland

  • Tot 1964: AS Ruffel with Ms Anderson as secretary

  • 1964 – 1967 : Erny Viljoen as secretary

  • 1965: Lukanji Kismet gold cup winner Bloemfontein

  • 1965: Grand champion beef bull at Windhoek “Syferpan Grenadier” belonging to AW Dempers

  • 1965: The North West Hereford club were established in Kimberley.

  • 1965: Rand Easter Show, Australian judge Mr RS Wilson. National Champion cow Holpan AB Johanna II of WH Hambly and son. National Champion bull, Brocket Uranium of Murray Campbell.

  • 1965: 95 Hereford animals were imported to South Africa.

  • 1967: SA Hereford Society celebrates their 50th anniversary.

  • 1967: GJ van der Heever won the gold cup at Bloemfontein show with the bull Syferpan Wellington

  • 1968 – 5th World Hereford Conference – Australia

  • 1968: National Championship Bloemfontein. Grand Champion bull Haven Unique of SL Moorcroft and Sons. Supreme Champion cow/heifer Syferpan Caroline R22 of SL Moorcroft and Sons.

  • 1968: Syferpan Wellington wins the first of 3 consecutive Interbreed Championships at the Vryburg Show.

  • 1968: The bull Crickley Barrow Destiny was imported by Coloniesplaats Stud. He was the first Hereford bull to be awarded the Breed Society certificate of Golden Seal Award. Destiny was a prolific sire especially in the 1970’s, due to his consistency in breeding superb milking qualities in his daughters.

  • 1968: Syferpan Unity 2nd bred by SL Moorcroft & Sons sold to AJ Hillhouse for a SA record price of R3 500-00

  • 1968: Rose Moorcroft receiving the Lowell-Price Trophy from the Prime Minister the Hon. Mr John Vorster.

  • Until the 1970’s mainly live animals were imported and there after semen and embryos were imported out of a worldwide gene pool of which South African members could make fast progress.

  • 1969: Establishment of the North West Hereford Club house in Vryburg on the show grounds with Hans Köster as first President.

  • 1969: GJ van der Heever won the gold cup at Vryburg (Syferpan Wellington) and Port Elizabeth (best pair).

  • 1969: Rand Easter Show - The Chamber of Mines Gold cup for the Supreme Champion Pedigree Beef animal on the Show – Wilock Tommy of AP Olivier.

  • 1969: Sarn Lavish (imported) of Vicedale Herefords won the interbreed gold cup in Kimberley.

  • 1970: Wenlock Julius of DJ Louw won the Gold cup in Kimberley.

  • 1970: Rand Easter Show, National Championship. Grand Champion bull Willowgrove Advocate of Estate Late Leon Jacobson. Grand champion cow/heifer Willowgrove Tiara 3rd of Estate Late Leon Jacobson.

  • 1970: Ward Gant of Sydney on Vaal imported Herefords to South Africa from the USA.

  • 1970: The Hereford breed was the second largest breed in SA after the Afrikaner breed with
    10 000 cows.

  • 1971: Syferpan Woodcock winner of the Super Beef Champion Chamber of Mines Gold Cup at the Rand Easter show.

  • 1971 – 1977: John van Breda Manager

  • 1972: - Coloniesplaats showed the Beef Interbreed champion with CP Cowslip 5 at the Rand show.

  • 1972: Society consist out of 650 members.

  • 1972: 6th World Hereford Conference. WHC delegates and Technical advisor Tim Henderson and Arthur Hambly from SA.

  • 1972: World Hereford Conference National Championships at the Rand Easter show. 450 Hereford cattle took part in a parade at the Johannesburg Witwatersrand show. The judge was Mr Archie Black from Zimbabwe.

  • 1972: The Society received a silver ship from the Portugal Hereford Society as token of friendship and gratitude for constant support and encouragement.

  • 1972: Gold Cup winner at Kimberley DA Masterson with Syferpan Zero. Judged by Mr Borstlap.

  • 1972: Some 50 head of Hereford females were donated to Onderstepoort for research work to be reported back to the 1972 Conference, and later to the next one.

  • 1972: Coloniesplaats Cowslip 5 Gold cup winner at the Rand show.

  • 1973: The second bul growth test station in SA was opened in Armoedsvlakte, Vryburg, and was financed by Vleissentraal.

  • 1973: Studdolph Valour of DJ Louw won the gold cup at Kimberley and Bloemfontein

  • 1973: Syferpan Armstrong of Mr and Mrs Oertel won the gold cup at Vryburg.

  • 1973: Hans-Richard Köster judge in Engeland as first and only South African at the yearly bul sale with more than 400 bull entries.

  • 1974: Gold cup winner Rowington Festival at Queenstown show.

  • 1975 Syferpan Eina wins SA Junior Champion Bull, followed by Selling for the SA Record price in 1977.

  • 1976: 7th World Hereford Conference was held in Canada. Delegates Derek Vincent and Hans-Richard Koster in Canada Adviser Coborough

  • 1977: With the independence of Zimbabwe the Society had to pay off a 1/3 of the female animal figures to the Zimbabwe Hereford Association.

  • 1977: 23 cows were donated by various Hereford breeders in August to the University of the Free State’s Agricultural department.

  • 1977: Four Hereford bulls were dontated by Vicedale Herefords in December to at that time the hometown of Bophutatswana duing their independence celebration.

  • 1977: Production recording was compulsory for the Herefords.

  • 1977 – 1980 W.J.le Roux as Director.

  • 1978: The Hereford Annual meeting decide to allow the importation of bull semen and embryos.

  • 1978: Nico Louw receiving the Gold Cup for the Supreme Champion Beef animal at Kimberley Show with his bull Dikstuk Viceroy.

  • 1979: Coloniesplaats showed the Beef Interbreed champion with CP Nimrod at the Rand show.

  • 1979: Gold cup winner for the best beef animal on the show – Manhoek Entity 7de of Manhoek Hereford Stud at Kimberley

  • 1979: Coloniesplaats Nimrod Runner up Gold cup Rand Show

  • 1980: 8th World Hereford Conference was held in Uruguay. Delegates Dirk Louw and Hans-Richard Koster in Uruguay –Adviser Raymond Naude

  • 1980: Rand Easter Show National Championship. Grand Champion bull Coloniesplaats Norfolk of AA Kingwill & Sons, Grand Champion cow/heifers Kanhym Bella H76 of Kanhym Estates. Judge Walter Romay from Uruguay.

  • 1980: Syferpan Kismet ’77 won the gold cup at Vryburg.

  • 1980- 1982 M.C. Greyling was the Director.

  • 1981: Coloniesplaats showed the Beef Interbreed champion with CP Pembroke at the Rand show.

  • 1981: Wardent SR Mark won the 3th Production recording class on the Pretoria Show.

  • 1982 – 1992 C.P. Groenewald was the Director.

  • 1983: Wardent Oberholzer 0122 of the Wardent Hereford stud won the Production recording class at the Pretoria Show.

  • 1983: SA Championship in Bloemfontein with judge Mr John S Hay from Canada. Grand Champion bull Windimuir 560 LAD 23L of Kanhym Estates. Grand Champion cow/heifer, Carrickmoor L32 of JW Philips.

  • 1983: Hendrik Joubert won a Toyota SR 5 bakkie for his Junior Champion heifer, Sanniesguns Ida 028 at the National Championship

  • 1983: Clubhouse at the RAS was built in 1983...on the instigation of Dave Lamb, Pat Eustace's brother-in-law, who along with other people and institutions made generous donations towards it's construction. The first meeting in the Clubhouse was held on 10/05/1983. Prior to that meetings were held in the Conference Room at the RAS. Many meetings have also been held on members' farms giving an opportunity to view the cattle.

  • 1984: 9th World Hereford Conference was held in New Zealand. Delegates Hans-Richard Koster and Jimmy Basson in New Zealand with Chris Groenewald

  • 1985: Sanniesguns won a Toyota bakkie for the most points at the OFS Hereford Provincial Championship in Kroonstad.

  • 1986: National Championship Show Pietermaritzburg: Judge - Gene Wiese from the USA. Premier breeder - Sanniesguns Hereford, Champion bull Klondike Sundance. Champion cow: Vicedale JRS2.

  • 1986: Best Production tested bull at the Royal show Vicedale Klondike R45

  • 1987: Coloniesplaats showed the Beef Interbreed champion with CP Domino 403 at the Rand show.

  • 1987: Vicedale Herefords won a Ford Bakkie for the most points in the Hereford Provincial Championships at Kroonstad show.

  • 1987: Sanniesguns won an Isuzu bakkie for the breeder with the most points at the “Kaaplandse” Hereford Nationale championships in Queenstown.

  • 1988: Syferpan Warfield wins the interbreed Championship at the Border Show followed by selling for the SA Record price at the BAS Bull sale.

  • 1988: New record price for bull Syferpan Warfield of SL Moorcroft and Sons, sold for R36 500 to Piet Louwrens, Smit Brothers and John Park.

  • 1988: 9th World Hereford Conference. Delegates Hans-Richard Koster and Jimmy Basson in Spain with Chris Groenewald technical adviser

  • 1989: National Championship at the Rand show with judge Dr. Bill Jacobs from the USA. Premier breeder: Sanniesguns Herefords. Grand Champion bull Sanniesguns Watchit W57 and the Grand Champion cow/heifer Sanniesguns IDA W33 both from Sanniesguns Boerdery.

  • 1989: Farmers Weekly award for the Elite Platinum cow Vicedale L124 - 9 calves and an ICP of 359, 205 days – 245, wean index of 115.

  • 1991: Society consist out of 189 members.

  • 1991 Syferpan Augustus Caesar wins the Interbreed Championship at the Border Show.

  • 1992: 10th World Hereford Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa. Delegates Hans-Richard Koster and Jimmy Basson.

  • 1992: 450 Hereford cattle were shown on parade during the World Hereford Conference Championship show.

  • 1992: National World Hereford Conference show: Judge of the bulls – Roger Hahn from Australia – Grand champion bull: SGH Z48 of Sanniesguns Boerdery. Judge of the female animals - Whip Donaldson from Canada. Grand champion cow/heifer JWPZ Z23. Judge of the group classes was Prof Frans Swanepoel. Premier Breeder: Vicedale Herefords.

  • 1992: BM Topclass of PP Mong Trust won the Production recording class at the Pretoria show.

  • 1992 – 1995: Stefan van Wyk was the Manager.

  • 1993: Z34 Emba Gracious Gift of Barend and Emce Wessels won the gold cup at the Bloemfontein Meat cattle interbreed show.

  • 1994 Syferpan Delarey wins the interbreed Championship at the BAS and sells for the SA Record price at the BAS Bull sale. Buyer: PA (Piet) Louwrens, Malina Herefords for R43000

  • 1996: National Championship at the Rand Easter Show with jurges David Worrall and Piet Rossouw: Emba Barend’s Pride C24 won as Senior and Grand Champion bull. Grand Champion cow/heifer was CJM D5 Mouton Viola. Premier Breeder: Sanniesguns Herefords.

  • 1996: 11th World Hereford Conference was held at Colorado State University, Denver, Colorado, USA. Delegates Hans-Richard Koster and Jimmy Basson in America with Heiko Koster (technical adviser)

  • 1996: Heide Köster as first personality of the year.

  • 1997: Personality of the year Peter Brown.

  • 1998: Personality of the year Jimmy Basson.

  • 1998: Moorcroft Hereford Centennial Year celebrated by the Moorcroft Family in Queenstown.

  • 1999: National Championship in Bloemfontein. Judge Alistair Smith from Zimbabwe. Grand Champion bull Locheim Charm Uppermclass 97 WDW9721 of Locheim Stud. Grand Champion cow/heifer Carrickmoor Barbara JWPG7 of JW Phillips. Premier Breeder: Sanniesguns Herefords.

  • 2000: Russell Clark was the National winner of the ARC-ABSA Beef production herd of the year.

  • 2000: Personality of the year Helene Weydeman

  • 2001: Locheim Catchit WDW9851 was exported to Tristan da Cunha. The bull was loaded at Table Bay’s harbour and after a cruise of 10 days reach his destination. Tristan da Cuncha consists out of four volcanic islands - Tristan the only one with residents, and Gouch (were South Africa had a weather station), Inaccessible and Nightingale.

  • 2001: Personality of the year Hendrik Joubert.

  • 2002: 12th World Hereford Conference was held in Argentina.

  • 2002: Hereford National Championship is held in Bloemfontein. Supreme Champion Sanniesguns Stockman M115. Supreme Champion cow/heifer SGH9866. Judge Allistair Smith Zimbabwe

  • 2002: Sanniesguns Suzette 9866 won the Gold Cup at Bloemfontein show.

  • 2002: Personality of the year Dirk Louw.

  • 2002: Sanniesguns Stockman M115 was sold for a record price of R82 500 by Sanniesguns Boerdery to Louis van der Watt.

  • 2003: The Society consist out of 102 members.

  • 2003: Syferpan Lomu wins the interbreed Championship at the BAS and later is exported to Namibia where he was a successful sire at Otongovi Herefords.

  • 2004: 13th World Hereford Conference was held in Armidale, Australia

  • 2004: Russell Clark won for the 8th time in a row the Eastern Cape ARC Beef herd of the year.

  • 2004: The Landbouweekblad/Breedplan class breeding bull of the year was awarded to P.M. Brown at the Hereford Royal show.

  • 2004: Landbouweekblad/Breedplan Cow group of the year was awarded to Gerrit Kruger

  • 2004: White face Hereford project was announced at Vryburg show.

  • 2004: Personality of the year Dirk Louw.

  • 2005: National Championships at Moorreesburg with judge Mr Graham Day from Australia. Grand Champion bul Locheim Prime Stock WDW 0223 and Grand Champion cow/heifer Locheim Miss Duvet WDW 0204 both from Locheim Herefords. Premier Breeder: Locheim Herefords.

  • 2005: Personality of the year Piet Rossouw.

  • 2006: Herefords receive the award for the breed with the best ICP for the 3th year in a row from SA Stud Book.

  • 2006: ROS0419 Southern Africa breeding bull of the year of Piet Rossouw.

  • 2007: ROS0419 Southern Africa Breeding bull of the year of Piet Rossouw.

  • 2008: National Championship at Vryburg with judge Bruce Robertson from Nieu Zealand. Senior and Grand Champion bull Locheim Carol WDW 050009, as well as the Gold cup winner in the Supreme champion beef cattle class. Grand Champion cow/heifer BMH 060022 from PP Mong Trust. Premier Breeder: Locheim Herefords.

  • 2008: ZK 6018 Beefmaker, the junior and reserve National grand champion bull, also became the Phase C and Junior Interbreed Champion at the Vryburg show.

  • 2008: 15th World Hereford Conference was held in Copenhagen.

  • 2009: Locheim Markwart WDW0688 was sold for a SA record price of R360 000 to Bonhaven Stud.

  • 2009: Personality of the year Piet Louwrens.

  • 2010: Zuikerkop Candymaker ZK0533 was award the ABSA Gold cup (Supreme Champion) at the interbreed beef class in Bloemfontein.

  • 2010: Personality of the year Lizette Vermaak.

  • 2011: National Champion at Royal show with Judge Dr Cliff Lamb from Florida, USA for the individual class judging, and Kevin Miles from South Africa for the group class judging. Grand Champion bull, as well as Supreme champion bull and beef interbreed winner at the Royal show WDW0841 from Locheim Stud. Grand champion cow/heifer BMH 060022 of PP Mong Trust Premier Breeder: Locheim Stud.

  • 2011: WDW09-50 of Locheim Stud was award the Southern Africa breeding bull of the year.

  • 2011: ZK08049 of Dr CW Scholtz won the interbreed face C production recording class at the Royal Show.

  • 2011: Bull of the year WDW02 23 of Locheim Stud.

  • 2011: Cow of the year BMH0622 of PP Mong Trust.

  • 2011: Personality of the year Esté Köster from Vicedale Herefords.

  • 2012: 16th World Hereford Conference was held in Canada

  • 2013: Dr CW Scholtz won the SA Stud Book Elite Vleissentraal bull growth test.

  • 2014: National Championship at Bloemfontein with Judge Ian Galloway from Australia. Grand champion bull WDW12-53, grand champion cow/heifer WDW 12-37 both from the Locheim Stud. Premier Breeder: PP Mong Trust

  • 2013: Bull of the year HVR090017, Hoekland Herefords, Harley van Rhyn.

  • 2013: Cow of the year KRM040012, RT Clark

  • 2013: Personality of the year Willem de Waal

  • 2014: Bull of the year WDW080082, Vicedale Herefords

  • 2015 - The ICP of Herefords was the lowest of all breeds > 1000 animals registered at SA Stud Book over the past 12 years. Source: (2011 - 2015 Stud Book reports) (2010 - 2004 ARC)

  • 2016: Bull of the year WDW120053, Vicedale Herefords

  • 2016: Cow of the year WG060012, Wilkloof Boerdery

  • 2016: Personality of the year Heiko Köster

  • 2016: 17th World Hereford Conference was held in Uruguay in April. Delegates Dr Hinner Köster and Bertus Mong. Technical Advisor Prof Esté van Marlé-Köster

  • 2016: Locheim Best Performer WDW 120053 exhibited by Vicedale Hereford won Hereford Champion of Asia/Africa, and qualify for the World Hereford Champion contest at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo in Texas, USA. He was also the regional winner of the Africa/Asian group.

  • 2017: Society consist out of 51 members.

  • 2017: WDW00710 of Vicedale Herefords won the Farmers Weekly Elite Platinum cow award.

  • 2017: 100 year celebration of the SA Hereford Society.

  • 2017: Bull of the year ZK1388, Dr CW Scholtz

  • 2017: Cow of the year SLM03014, SL Moorcroft and Sons

  • 2017: National Championship to take place in September in Moorreesburg at the Swartland show with Judge Jack Ward.

  • 2017: Ewald Köhne personality of the year




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